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How to Decorate with Silver Trays

A silver tray is possibly among one of the best pieces of antique silverware to own. Inherently, in the design of a tray, they are immediately practical and useful. Since they have such a diverse range of uses, also, trays are truly must-haves around the home. Lets explore some of our top tips on ‘how …


How to Style Statement Earrings

Among the oldest known body modifications, ear piercings have been a common practise around the globe for millennia. There are elaborate earrings made from gold, brass, and gemstones like lapis lazuli that date back to a variety of ancient civilisations such as Persia, Minoa, and Ancient Greece. It seems that earrings have been around as …


How to Make Antique Furniture Look Modern

Antique furnishings are timeless, but that’s not always a good thing. If you have a penchant for modern interiors, the overall aesthetic of antique furniture can sometimes be a struggle to accommodate. It’s not impossible, however, to get all kinds of antiques looking sleek, modern, and complimentary in your own modern-themed interiors. Today, we’re going …


How to Style a Cameo Brooch

If you’re looking for a way to add something special to your jewellery collection this summer, look no further than the iconic cameo brooch. This historic yet versatile jewellery style is super popular right now and can be styled in so many different ways to suit every fashion taste. Read on to learn a bit …


How to Decorate with Silver Bowls

A silver bowl, whether brand new or a piece of inherited antique silverware, is a highly versatile piece of décor that’s suitable for most rooms in your home. Today, we’ll explore a few ideas how to decorate with silver bowls. Kitchen Possibly the most obvious use for a silver bowl in your kitchen is as …