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Luxury Wedding Gifts for Brides and Grooms

Whether it’s a bride and a groom, two brides, or two grooms, anywhere from 240,000 to 300,000 people tie the knot every year in the U.K. If you’re anticipating attending some romantic celebrations in the near future, it’s time to consider luxury wedding gifts for brides and grooms.

Let’s get straight into it; ladies first.


After the wedding, the excitement of marriage takes hold, and it’s time the bride you know had some shining delights to celebrate everything brilliant about becoming a wife to the person they love.

luxury wedding gifts for brides and grooms


A pendant is the kind of gift that really can last forever. A luxury pendant given as a wedding present is something truly special that the bride can wear for years.

Something wonderful about giving antique jewellery as a gift is that the real quality goods can endure the ages; allowing the bride to even pass the pendant down to the next generation, and just like that, you’ve got a family heirloom! What could be a more luxurious gift to give?


The most natural way to go here would be to get a pendant and earring set, but don’t feel forced down that path.

It could be the case that the bride you know doesn’t go in for pendants all that much, in which case earrings are the ideal piece of jewellery.

Just as capable of becoming a valued family heirloom, earrings, whether they are drop earrings or stud earrings, diamond earrings or pearl earrings, are a beautiful and significant gift, showing how deeply you care.


New pyjamas are always a luscious treat to receive, and as a wedding present, new pyjamas make for an unexpected luxury. There’s everything from soft cotton and cashmere to 100% silk that will ensure that the pyjama set you pick is the most fabulous set the bride has ever had. After the exhilaration of the wedding day, the toasting, eating, drinking, and dancing, the bride will be so grateful to have luxury pyjamas waiting for her.


Drinking tea is the Great British pastime, and so it only makes sense that a teapot made this list.

Not a lot of young couples today even own teapots, opting instead to rely on the kettle.

A special teapot – such as a silver teapot – is a luxury wedding gift that is both practical and beautiful – the dream combination!

Consider a teapot for the new wife that you know, she’ll definitely need a decent cuppa after the wedding’s over.


The bride is often the sole focus of a wedding, but of course, we all know that’s not the way it should be. The tying of the knot is a two-party event, so let’s not forget those lovely grooms.

Hip Flask

There’s something very Clint-Eastwood-John-Wayne-timeless-cowboy-cool about a hip flask, you know?

Not many people own one, much less a genuine antique hip flask that’s seen a decent amount of life already.

Whether it’s sterling silver, cut glass, or crocodile skin, antique hip flasks have a certain je ne sais quoi that will make any newly-married man feel like Steve McQueen.

Watch Chain

Whether the groom has a pocket watch or not, a watch chain is the type of stylish luxury gift that can have many practical purposes.

It can become a wallet chain or a key chain, as well as making for a unique bracelet for the kind of man willing to experiment.

If the groom you know has a penchant for all things style and class, consider a golden watch chain for his wedding present and find yourself invited to all future events in a flash.


In the same vein as the pyjamas for the bride, a real quality robe can be quite a life-changing gift. Velvet, suede, and – once again – silk are all fabulous materials to make that special man feel as luxurious as Hugh Hefner with none of the controversial journalistic ethics. You can choose to either get a bathrobe, perfect for wearing over pyjamas on a lazy Sunday morning, or a smoking jacket style robe that can be worn even for formal occasions.


The classic go-to, cufflinks can be spiced up by shopping vintage or antique.

Luxury cufflinks can include gemstones like diamonds and rubies to really elevate the item all together.

Cufflinks are the type of gift where most working men can never have too many. If you opt to get real-deal luxury cufflinks as well, you’re guaranteed to make him smile the next time he wants to dress to impress – well done!

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