Old-fashioned eternity rings are somewhat difficult to come by, since the design style of eternity rings in general is not that old. Some of the first eternity rings were made in the 1960s by the De Beers diamond merchants. These eternity rings were designed to have a way of marketing smaller diamonds to people. De Beers had figured that most people got larger diamond rings for their engagements, and so they needed to find a way to get people to buy smaller diamonds.

Using the legendary ad slogan: ‘she married you for richer or poorer, let her know how it’s going’, De Beers popularised the eternity ring across the world. The most old-fashioned eternity rings, therefore, are from the 1960s and slightly earlier. These eternity rings are typically made from small stones, since they were mostly a way to use up smaller diamonds.

Eternity rings made with small diamonds make for a very delicate and beautiful accessory. It’s easy enough to find newer eternity rings that are crafted with similar aesthetics to the older designs. Furthermore, if you have a preferred style for jewellery, such as Art Deco jewellery and Art Nouveau jewellery, there are a plethora of eternity rings that have been made to emulate these era’s popular styles and shapes.

Old Fashioned Eternity Rings

How to Wear Old-Fashioned Eternity Rings

Styling old-fashioned jewellery can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but fear not, we’re here for you. Antique and vintage jewellery can suit modern styles just as much as they suited their own era.

Small, old-fashioned eternity rings go very nicely with minimalistic wedding bands and other slim-line jewellery. Minimalism is a very big trend at the minute, but you should know that going for a minimalist style doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear jewellery at all. Wearing thin jewellery with small stones is the perfect combination for minimalist styles, making old-fashioned eternity rings ideal.

If you tend to prefer larger pieces of jewellery, there are also lots of eternity rings made with wonderfully large gemstones. Since eternity rings became immensely popular very quickly, De Beers and other jewellers were quick to realise that they could make a big profit from making eternity rings with larger gemstones. Eternity rings are usually saved for wedding anniversaries, but they can be worn by anyone at any point, whether you’re married or not.

If you are married, you can wear your eternity ring alongside your wedding band and your engagement ring. The size of the diamonds in your eternity ring depends on what you’d prefer with your engagement ring. If you have a statement engagement ring, perhaps you’d be better off with smaller diamonds, whereas if your engagement ring is smaller itself, you could decide if you want your eternity ring to match the simplicity, or stand out in its own right.

Eternity rings are a beautiful piece of jewellery, with a long future ahead of them. With old-fashioned eternity rings being this beautiful, can you imagine how stunning eternity rings of the future will be?!

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