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Timeless Engagement Rings

When you get engaged, you’ve created a memory that will last forever. So, it stands to reason that the ring you choose for the big moment should be just as timeless as the love between you and your partner. As well as symbolising your romance, your engagement ring is a fashion statement, and one that …


How to Plan a Victorian Wedding

Image from DarkmoonArt_de on pixabay through the pixabay license. Full to the brim with opulence and extravagance, the Victorian era was a time of unrivalled romance. Many of the wedding customs we traditionally celebrate, including wearing a white wedding dress, originate from the Victorian era, so you could say that every traditional wedding has a …

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Top Sapphire Ring Designs with Yellow Gold

Sapphire rings have always been popular, with the blue stone having a long-recorded history of symbolic significance within many ancient human cultures. In more recent history, sapphire engagement rings have become a much-loved choice. In particular, the vintage sapphire ring is often used, with the unique styles of the last century being predominantly in style. …


The Most Iconic Earrings Worn by the Royals

Anyone who considers themself a royalist can’t help but follow the fashion trends set by the royal family. Whether we’re watching a royal wedding or we’ve just seen a picture on one of the royal’s Instagram accounts, we often find ourselves captivated by images of fine jewels they adorn themselves with – there seems to …

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The Best Setting for Emerald Cut Diamonds

Although it’s a bit unfair to say there is one single ‘best’ setting for emerald cut diamonds, there are definitely ways that the setting can complement the shining abilities of the stone. With that said; we’re going to explore a few different settings for emerald cut diamonds among our antique and vintage diamond jewellery collections …

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What is a Marquise Diamond Ring?

Newcomers to the jewellery world will likely find themselves asking ‘what is a marquise diamond ring?’ Enter the AC Silver blog. We love to educate and celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of antique jewellery. Today, we’ll be covering the topic of all things marquise, be it diamond rings, dress & cocktail rings, or questions of …