Statement bridal jewellery – especially statement bridal earrings – can be hard to come by. It can seem as though most people hear ‘bridal’ and immediately think of petite pearl wedding earrings. Something understated, out-of-the-way, and subtle. That’s all well and good, but sometimes you want something a little more bodacious; something over-the-top and dazzling.

This is where statement bridal earrings come in.

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Wedding day earrings are just as important as the ring, the dress, and the flowers, really. They are another piece of the puzzle that brings the whole day together. There are, of course, modern bridal earrings, which can fit just about any themes and styles you have in mind. At AC Silver, our idea of modern tends to reach the turn of the 21st century – but let’s face it: all the best jewellery is vintage and antique anyway!

Bridal Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for statement bridal earrings, drop earrings are most likely what you want. Drop earrings can hold their own amongst the rest of a bride’s ensemble and still stand out as statement pieces.

Here are a few examples.

From left to right we have: antique Victorian emerald and diamond earrings, vintage 1960s pearl and diamond drop earrings, and vintage 1990s diamond and platinum drop earrings. Three very distinct and very standout earrings that are sure to suit any type of wedding you have in mind.

Statement Bridal Earrings
Bridal Earrings
Statement Bridal Earrings

If green is a feature colour at your wedding, or perhaps you have green eyes, then consider our Victorian entry. For something more ‘traditional’ whilst still being a standout piece, the 1960s pearl drops offer something that’s both sophisticated and ostentatious – in the best way! Now, the 1990s diamond drops. Each heart-cut diamond is over 2 carats, making these earrings a real festival of sparkle. Definitely well-suited to someone looking for a sort of ‘Tiffany’s dream wedding’!

Statement Diamond Bridal Earrings

I know, what a mouthful, but it’s worth it, I promise. Diamonds or diamond-like imitations are a mainstay of bridal jewellery. Their sparkles and shine are enough for anyone to love them, and they complement any colour, so it doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming of a white wedding or an explosion of colours: antique diamond earrings will be there for you.

It’s no wonder that Marilyn sang the song – she knew what she was talking about.

The selection of statement diamond earrings we have for you today range from the stunning to the marvellous. From left to right we have: 1940s Art Deco diamond and platinum earrings, antique 1900s diamonds in contemporary platinum stud settings, and 1950s diamond and platinum earrings. They certainly are statements, and they would each be an amazing addition to your bridal line-up.

Statement Bridal Earrings
Earrings for Weddings

The Art Deco earrings on the left are a real fiesta, their brassy shapes would be perfect for a vintage-themed wedding. As for the studs, don’t be fooled by their simplicity; together, the studs are 6 carats strong, and their sheer size and brightness is a statement in and of itself. As for the 1950s beauties, what could be better? A mixture of baguette cut and marquise cut diamonds creates an almost organic shape. Boho hippies and style savants alike can find common ground in their beauty.

Gemstone Bridal Earrings

Today, we’re focusing on aquamarine jewellery. If you’re interested in large-scale gemstones for your bridal earrings, aquamarines are a cost-efficient way of getting the job done. Typically, they’re one of the cheaper precious gemstones, and so buying big is easier than ever.

Here are three of our most audacious aquamarine earrings

First in line, we have a pair of vintage 1970s aquamarine and diamond earrings clearly inspired by the Art Deco period. Next, some vintage 1950s yellow gold earrings featuring aquamarines and diamonds, and last but certainly not least, possibly the largest pair of aquamarine and diamond earrings the world has ever seen, dated to the 1980s.

Statement Bridal Earrings
Wedding Day Jewellery
Statement Bridal Earrings

Anyone interested in a Gatsby wedding? Our first pair might be from the 1970s, but they roar like the ‘20s. Next, we have some statement bridal earrings in gold – the perfect choice for those with gold accents or a warmer skin tone. And finally, the pièce de resistance, the 1980s clip-ons. Totalling 21.12cts of aquamarine and 5.86cts of diamonds, you couldn’t make a bigger or bolder choice for your statement bridal earrings.

If you need any further advice or ideas for your bridal jewellery, we’re always on hand to help in any way we can. We love nothing more than making your special day that bit better. Which of our statement earrings most appeals to you?

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