Are signet rings in style? Well, today we’re diving in to find the answer. Jewellery is a heavy focus of the ACS blog – and rightly so – but the downside is that we tend to prioritise women’s jewellery. Any self-respecting man knows that jewellery is for everyone, not just the ladies. So, let’s get to finding out if signet rings are in style.

What is a signet ring?

Signet Ring Style Guide for Men

Signet rings are entirely unrelated to male swans, let’s just clear that up right away. Rather, signet rings are an ancient symbol of status and power that men have been wearing for millennia. Historically, they used to feature the wearer’s seal emblazoned on the face of the ring. This allowed the wearer to sign or seal documents with their unique seal, conveniently always on hand – quite literally. If you’re interested, you can learn more about what makes a signet ring with us.

Are Signet Rings in Style?

Historically, signet rings have been worn by the rich and powerful; Kings, Caesars, Popes and Generals. They fell out of style in the 20th century, rapidly becoming too ‘old-fashioned’ in a world that was interested in rapidly propelling into the glittering future.

Two decades into the shiny, new century, however, and people are looking to the past for inspiration. Looking to reconnect with solid things that feel real, people couldn’t be more interested in getting vintage and antique jewellery than they are right now.

So then, are signet rings one of the lucky pieces of jewellery that’s making a serious comeback? Without a doubt! The best part of this trend returning is the fact that it’s become a very inclusive trend. You don’t need land or titles to sport a signet ring, and in today’s world, you don’t even need to be a gentleman. That’s right, we said we were talking about gentlemen’s jewellery but we’re currently addressing the ladies. Ladies have started wearing signet rings, primarily on their index fingers, and it looks fabulous. It’s more than just signet rings that ladies are making claims to, however, as they’re also sporting watch chains, as well as some cufflinks and tie pins.

But let’s get back to the gents.

Perhaps the best thing about signet rings in the 21st century is that people of any age can wear one. Young men can be gifted them to celebrate a significant birthday, or an achievement. They can also be awarded to men who are well into adulthood – the key is that signet rings are a celebration. A declaration of love, a sign of pride, or a reward for success, signet rings are versatile and stylish.

How to Wear a Signet Ring

Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the little finger of the left hand. If you are a traditionalist yourself, then this is the way you might expect to wear a signet ring. If you dislike this idea, however, fear not. In case you hadn’t noticed, tradition has long since fallen to the wayside when it comes to jewellery. Anyone can wear a signet ring, and they can wear them on whichever finger they wish.

If you’re interested in wearing a signet ring yourself, or perhaps you’re considering gifting one to someone special to you, check out our selection. You can show yourself to be bang on trend with something that’s more than 100 years old – how fantastic is that!

Are Signet Rings in Style

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