Jewellery is a big part of a lot of people’s outfits. They’re the perfect accessory for everyday as well as for formal occasions like weddings and New Year’s Eve. An important part of buying jewellery, therefore, is ensuring that it’s comfortable enough to be worn regularly, sometimes every day.

So, let’s find out about how comfortable eternity rings are or aren’t.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a style of ring that has gemstones encircling the band of the ring. Usually, the gemstone in question is diamond, although sometimes it’s another gemstone like rubies or sapphires. A lot of people are interested in eternity rings, particularly as wedding anniversary gifts. The symbolism of eternity rings is as simple as you might think it is: it symbolises an eternal connection between two people.

The main question that people have about eternity rings when they’re thinking about buying one is: is it comfortable? Like vintage engagement rings and wedding bands, eternity rings are a piece of jewellery that is expected to be worn every day, and so it is essential that it sits comfortably on the hand.

Types of Eternity Rings

The comfort level of eternity rings is directly linked to the style of the eternity ring itself. Eternity rings with baguette cut diamonds, or a channel setting are no more uncomfortable than any other type of jewellery. Channel set eternity rings have the setting metal acting almost like a casing that holds the gemstones in place. On the hand, this makes it feel like any plain ring to the wearer, as the diamonds are enclosed within their setting.

Half eternity rings – where the gemstones are only set on the outer half of the ring – are also every bit as comfortable as any other piece of jewellery. It’s just like wearing a plain band when the gemstones are only set to the outer half of the ring, making half eternity rings an excellent choice for people who aren’t used to wearing lots of jewellery every day.

Are Eternity Rings Comfortable?

Eternity Rings

Are Eternity Rings Uncomfortable?

Full eternity rings with claw-set diamonds are the closest thing to uncomfortable that eternity rings get. Uncomfortable is perhaps not the right word, as it is not in any way painful to wear an eternity ring. Instead, it’s more like you’re consciously aware that you’re wearing the piece until you have worn it for a few days.

The shape of the diamonds makes a difference, as round cut diamonds are likely to feel more prominent against your skin than baguette cut diamonds. When wearing your eternity ring for the first time, you’re likely to notice that you can feel the hardness of the stones against the inside of your hand or against the fingers either side of your ring-wearing finger.

This feeling is very easy to adjust to after around two or three days of consistent wearing. You’ll find that the sturdiness of your ring is worth the feeling of its presence for a few days without a doubt.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to us if you have any more questions about eternity rings or any other piece of antique jewellery – we’re more than happy to help in any way we can!

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