Vintage and antique earrings add that extra bit of glamour to every look, they frame your face and are worn to complement various hairstyles, whether you prefer a subtle style or a pair that really makes a statement.

Any earring lover is likely to have pairs of all shapes and sizes within their jewellery box, ready to be brought out on different occasions. You are likely to own a pair of trusty diamond earrings, that can take you effortlessly from day to night, as well as some bolder pairs that you save for particularly special occasions. We all love a variety, but even so, most of us will have a favourite go-to earring style that we swear by.

After getting ready for the day or evening ahead, and pairing your favourite earrings with your makeup and hairstyle, it’s often second nature to post a picture to Instagram – after all, you’ve put in the effort and you’re looking fabulous! So, Instagram is a great place to find out what jewellery trends are winning at any given time.

Without further ado, let’s explore the most popular earring trends according to Instagram!

The Most Popular Earring Styles According to Instagram

1. Hoop earrings

With 693,632 posts under the hashtag #hoopearrings, this earring style appears to be the favourite within the world of social media right now. Hoop earrings can be both subtle and bold, and, due to their relatively simple style, are easy to pair with pretty much any fashion style.

Hoop earrings are popular in a variety of metals, but according to Instagram, gold hoops are proving the most popular right now. There are currently 116,921 posts under the hashtag #goldhoops, towering over the 36,827 posts which feature #silverhoops. Which is your favourite hoop earrings style?

Diamond Earrings

2. Diamond earrings

In second place, with 522,512 posts, we have #diamondearrings. Now, we’re not surprised that diamond earrings have proved so popular in the Instagram world – they’re a timeless piece of jewellery after all! What’s more, the diamond earring category can encompass anything from simple diamond studs to fabulous diamond chandelier earrings and stunning bridal earring sets.

As diamond earrings never go out of vogue and, if you purchase a high-quality pair, they retain their price, there’s no doubt that this age-old trend will continue to prevail.

The Most Popular Earring Styles According to Instagram

3. Stud earrings

Where would we be without stud earrings? They are one of the most simple, yet effective, jewellery pieces that anyone could have the pleasure of owning. Studs are likely to have been the first earring style you ever owned, and they are appropriate for people of any age in almost any setting. Effortless class can be achieved by a pair of diamond stud earrings, or an equally fabulous pop of colour, courtesy of gemstone stud earrings, could transform your outfit.

Drop Earrings

4. Drop earrings

With 333,728 posts labelled with the hashtag #dropearrings, they hold a worthy place, fourth on our list. Drop earrings may not be everyday wear, but they do an amazing job of elevating any outfit and adding a wonderful dose of vintage class.

Drop earrings look best wit hair worn in an updo, and they are a popular choice for brides. Although they may not be worn as frequently as classic stud earrings or effortless hoop earrings, they deserve a place in everyone’s jewellery box, if only for those truly special occasions.

The Most Popular Earring Styles According to Instagram

Image courtesy of Ahsan K on flickr

5. Royal earrings

One final corner of Instagram that is thriving with activity, is that under the hashtag of royal earrings. Earrings worn by Kate Middleton is a popular search term, and, along with Megan Markle and other prominent royals, she has become the go-to fashion inspiration for many of us. The hashtag #royalearrings is featured on 2,282 posts, and it’s clear that many of us enjoy browsing Instagram to view jewellery and earrings worn by royals. At AC Silver, you can learn more about the most iconic earrings worn by the royals.

Whatever your favourite style of earrings, there’s plenty of inspiration on Instagram if you’re looking for styling tips! Or, if you want to add more designs to your ever-growing collection, browse the range of vintage and antique earrings we have for sale at AC Silver. We also have a blog about what earrings you should wear according to your zodiac sign, so you know you’ll make the right choice.