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Emerald Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Today, when we think of engagement rings, often we conjure an image of a diamond ring in our heads without really thinking about it. Let’s face it, the engagement ring is almost synonymous with diamonds. But actually, the tradition of buying a diamond ring as an engagement ring only began in the 1950s. Before that time, it was quite common for a wide variety of gemstones to be utilised in engagement rings- including the emerald. In fact, a very famous engagement ring which belonged to Queen Victoria had emeralds incorporated in it…if it is fit for royalty then why can’t it be fit for us?!

Whether your preference is for emerald jewellery or antique and vintage diamond jewellery, let’s check out the differences.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Engagement Ring

Of course, there are quite a few reasons why the diamond has become a fan favourite for both antique and vintage engagement rings, and these reasons shouldn’t be discounted when choosing the perfect engagement ring. For a start, they are one of the most hardwearing materials in the world – they are a solid 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. This makes them ideal as an item that is typically worn all day everyday. Wearing a diamond on the hand is almost risk free for the wearer, due to its strength.

Often it is the colour that is most appealing. What colour you ask? – Exactly! Some gemstones are flattering to specific skin types; however the diamond always looks good. After all, they complement all skin tones and colours. It is the clear, white colour of a diamond that is quite unlike anything else. The colour of a diamond can of course vary, with some displaying a warm glow that could almost be described as yellow, to the almost perfectly white diamond. If you are after something more unique, then the diamond is still a consideration as it still allows for some diversity when it comes to colour.

It is in this way that diamonds are extremely versatile. While some coloured gemstones can clash with other colours from clothing or hair; diamonds have a sparkle that can only ever complement other colours. Similarly, a diamond engagement ring also goes nicely with other jewellery. Therefore, any jewellery that is bought or gifted over the course of the marriage will certainly match well with a diamond engagement ring.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Although not as strong as the diamond, emeralds are still regarded as strong gemstones – 7.5 on the Moh’s scale. They are very resistant to scratches and chips, making them quite hard-wearing, and would certainly be suitable for everyday wear. Not only that, but emeralds are undeniably stunning, and would make for a fantastic alternative gemstone for engagement rings. .

The stunning greens of emeralds do cover quite a range of tones, much like diamonds; making them a suitable choice for a diverse range of skin tones. Moreover, emeralds match well with various coloured metals. Meaning that you aren’t going to be held back; rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, all match well with emeralds. A special mention for those of us with green eyes; nothing will quite bring out the colour of green eyes like beautiful, rich emerald engagement rings.

Often emerald engagement rings incorporate other gemstones. Therefore, if you are struggling to decide between gemstones then perhaps the emerald engagement ring is a solid choice. Emerald engagement rings often have a feature stone, and supporting stones. For example an emerald cluster ring will often feature an emerald to the centre, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The perfect choice then for those that don’t want to compromise on a variety of stones.

The emerald engagement ring is rarer than its diamond engagement ring rival, making them the perfect choice for the more unique type of individual. Emerald engagement rings are certainly becoming more popular, and will perhaps one day gain the prestige that diamond engagement rings have.

Emerald Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Of course, choosing an engagement ring is quite the task and not a trivial decision. However, hopefully this guide has helped somewhat to reduce the pressure you might be feeling. If you have a strong affinity for emeralds then there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t choose an emerald engagement ring: they’re unique, strong, and more affordable than diamonds. However, if you are more traditional then perhaps a diamond engagement is the ring for you.

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