Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic dates of the year. So it is no surprise that it is a popular time for proposing! However, choosing from all the antique and vintage engagement rings can be overwhelming. There are so many different stones, styles, and prices to choose from, and it is a very important decision. If you’re thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s, but have a certain price range in mind, then never fear. Here are our top engagement rings under 3K.

Solitaires Under £3000

Nothing says ‘engagement ring’ quite like a classic diamond solitaire. This style is sleek, sophisticated, and most importantly, sparkly! The solitaire has been an iconic style for decades; it is truly timeless. The subtle nature of this design means that it is perfect for everyday wear. The examples below show how you can put an individual twist on this design- and all for under 3K! A quirkily shaped diamond or interesting band put a twist on tradition that elevates the look of this already stunning style.

Engagement Rings Under 3k
diamond platinum solitaire ring under £3000
white gold antique diamond under 3000

Gemstones Under £3000

Gemstones are another fabulous option for an engagement ring. From amethyst to zircon, there are a plethora of stones suited to this momentous piece of jewellery. Gemstones are an ideal way to show off how well you know your future fiancé/e. Choose their birthstone, favourite colour, or perhaps a gemstone that has a symbolic meaning, whether that’s best encapsulated by amethysts or vintage emerald engagement rings. There are many different styles of engagement ring that incorporate gemstones; however some of our favourites are the pieces below.

engagement rings under 3000
sapphire gemstone white gold engagement ring
aquamarine yellow gold engagement ring

Marquise Under £3000

Marquise style rings may have somewhat of a questionable history however that doesn’t mean they don’t make wonderful engagement rings! The marquise style is universally flattering, as its elliptical shape lengthens and slims the finger. Additionally, it is the perfect choice for savvy shoppers. Its unique shape creates a large crown surface in relation to the carat weight of the stone. This is helpful for maximising the sparkle of a stone whilst still remaining within a specific budget. Plus, it is an incredibly chic style.

engagement rings 3k
marquise engagement ring
diamond yellow gold engagement ring

Trilogies Under £3000

Trilogy rings are another classic choice for an engagement ring. This is largely due to the symbolism behind them. The three stones of the trilogy ring represent a couples past, present, and future. Diamonds make a nice choice for a trilogy ring, as they are said to be the ultimate symbol of love and durability. However, you can also use gemstones to elevate the romance of the ring. For example, emeralds represent faithfulness, sapphires mean truth and peace and rubies symbolise passion.

three stone trilogy ring under 3000
diamond yellow gold trilogy ring antique
three stone diamond platinum trilogy engagement ring

Clusters Under £3000

Having a budget doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to bling! Cluster rings are surprisingly affordable considering their large size. This makes them the ideal choice for a bold bride with a bubbly personality. Antique and vintage cluster rings make excellent engagement rings, due to their exceptional quality. The three pieces below show the versatility of the cluster style, all three being different yet equally stunning.

engagement rings 3000
antique cluster ring
diamond engagement ring

Which is your favourite of these engagement rings under 3k? Let us know below!

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