Wearing an engagement and wedding ring

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Both an engagement ring and a wedding ring symbolise a couple’s love for one another. It might seem like there is only one way to wear the engagement and wedding ring combination, however – prepare yourself – there might not be. I’ve had a bit of a look into this so that you don’t have to.

Traditional Wearing

Wearing a wedding ring on your left hand dates back to the Roman times. It would seem that this stems back to the ancient belief that a vein ran directly from the heart to the left ring finger. Although it has become quite apparent that the vena amoris (love vein) has no scientific grounding, the myth still holds strong today. Because of this, it is deemed ‘traditional’ to wear both your engagement ring and your wedding ring on your left ring finger.

Often, the question that people ask surrounding the traditional way of wearing your rings is: Do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom? Typically, the wedding ring is placed on the finger first, meaning that the engagement ring is then stacked on top. If tradition is your thing, then why stray from it? If it isn’t, then here a few ways you could mix it up.

Vintage wedding ring

Vintage three-stone ring

Right-hand Alternate Ring Finger

Although it has been claimed that only 11% of people in the UK are lefties, it is still nice to think of their worries and concerns surrounding the traditional ring wearing style. After all, the ring finger is on your left hand. This could be a particular inconvenience for the lefties amongst us. Why should you have to wear two (potentially bulky) rings on your left hand? Well, the answer is you don’t! How about simply swapping them over to your less busy, less dominant hand – your right hand? It has been suggested that in some countries and cultures, this is the traditional way of wearing your wedding and engagement ring!

Share the Load

Sometimes, it’s just nice to share the load; this is also true of sharing rings across both hands. A potential option could be to wear your wedding ring on your left hand, and then move your engagement ring across to the right. That way the rings are spread across the two hands evenly; and it also means that one hand isn’t bare while the other is loaded down with multiple rings.

Victorian wedding band


A lot of us lead very busy, hands-on lives, (or are perhaps just clumsy) meaning that sometimes wearing rings just isn’t very practical. Although this can be quite a sad realisation, that wearing your engagement and wedding ring is no longer a viable option – worry not! A really simple, and also very elegant, way of wearing your wedding and engagement rings is on a pendant. This frees up your busy hands, but still allows you to wear the rings on a daily basis.

Gold Decorated Wedding Ring

Special Occasions Only

Sometimes it can be a bit much to wear your engagement ring every single day – especially if it’s rather large or particularly fancy. In this case, how about just taking it off completely, and only wearing it for special occasions? Often, the wedding ring is the simpler of the two so that might not be as cumbersome to wear as the engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Eternity Ring

So, there we have it. There are in fact many different ways to wear your engagement and wedding rings! What do you think? Do you have another way of wearing your rings? Let us know in the comments below.

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