Diamond Solitaire Ring

What’s the Difference?

The latest jewellery debate: engagement rings vs eternity rings. When comparing your average diamond solitaire engagement ring to an eternity ring, the first thing to note is the differences between the two.

The main difference is the number of stones.

Most engagement rings have anywhere between one and three gemstones. Eternity rings, however, have stones all the way around the band of the ring. These rings themselves can even be sorted into a further two categories.

There are both full and half eternity rings available. With the half eternity, the gemstones only extend half-way around the band. Half eternities are not only cheaper, but they can also be resized. Because of this, they might be a better choice than full eternities. Gemstones around the band make resizing impossible – if you are interested in a full eternity ring, sizing is essential.

Both engagement rings and eternity rings are highly romantic gifts. However, it is possible for eternity rings to be given as a gift signifying an achievement rather than as a symbol of romantic love. Typical engagement styles, however, are specifically for proposing.

When to Buy an Eternity Ring

There are no hard and fast rules about the giving of eternity rings, and they can symbolise many things. Often, eternity rings symbolise an anniversary. Couples who want to commemorate the anniversary of their wedding, the birth of a child, or some other significant moment can do so with an eternity ring. Alternatively, eternity rings are celebrations of independent success. People buy them to honour a promotion at work or perhaps the purchase of a house.

Eternity rings are not a direct equivalent to engagement rings. Although it is possible for eternity rings to serve the same purpose, they are not explicitly an alternative to the more traditional engagement rings.

Engagement Rings vs Eternity Rings

Therefore, if you’re hoping to offer your loved one an eternity ring with your proposal, that’s fine. However, if you want to give yourself an eternity ring – or maybe a close friend – then that’s also great. Eternity rings are not for any one purpose; get creative with your gift-giving and try an eternity.

Eternity Rings vs Engagement Rings

Usually, diamond engagement rings are used for proposals. However, personal taste plays a huge role in all proposals. The most essential feature of an engagement ring is that the wearer actually likes it. Therefore, if your beloved prefers eternity rings to other rings, perhaps that is exactly the type of ring you should consider for your engagement. Not everyone likes traditional things like diamond engagement rings. Having your other half in mind when deciding what type of ring to buy is always the best course of action.

Everyone has their preferences in the debate of engagement rings vs eternity rings. Eternity rings are unique, stylish, and beautiful. Diamond engagement rings are timeless, classic, and beautiful. You can’t go too far wrong with either. At AC Silver, we are fortunate enough to have a vast selection of both, so you have plenty of options either way. Happy shopping!

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