Sometimes it can be really tough getting the perfect gift for that perfect someone. You know the type of message you want to convey; you just want to give a gift that says ‘I Love You’, does it have to be so hard?! If you are facing this very same difficulty in the lead up to Valentine’s Day then you’re in luck. We have come up with six potential gift categories to help trigger some inspiration. Don’t worry, all is not lost yet!

1. Hearts, hearts, hearts

6 Gifts That Say I Love You

This might seem a bit cliché, but heart themed gifts as a Valentine’s Day present are a classic for a reason. Some people love the gooey, characteristic, mushy love-based gifts. This can come in the form of a cuddly teddy bear holding a heart saying ‘I love you’ on it, or even a piece of heart-shaped jewellery. This agate yellow gold heart locket, not only says I love you, but also has that little added extra locket element, which allows you to insert a picture of you and your loved one.

2. For the Animal-lover

Expressing your love for someone can also come in the form of identifying their interests and passions. For example, if they are big animal-lovers, how about getting them an animal themed gift? This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to go out and buy them their favourite animal (although of course I’m sure a lot of animal-lovers wouldn’t be opposed to this). I think this little Cartier lovebird brooch is perfect for the bird-lover – lovebird is in the title after all! Or if they are into dogs, how about this fine and impressive sterling silver stirrup cup, modelled in the form of a dog’s head.

Animal-lover gift

Animal-lover Valentine's gift

Framed Photo Gift

3. A Framed Photo

Most people have a camera of some shape or form. But we very rarely keep physical copies of said pictures. More often than not we keep the picture for a while and then when storage gets a bit low we eventually delete the picture to make way for others. So, this Valentine’s Day it might be a nice idea to get a pretty picture printed of the two of you; or even a place that they love; or a picture of them and their family members (essentially any picture they like); then pop it in a frame. I personally love this Tiffany & Co. travelling photograph frame. It is also a brilliant option if you can’t pick one perfect picture to get framed – there’s room for four!

4. Personalise It

Nothing says I love you like a personalised gift. Popping that special someone’s name on something they would like is a great gift. For us here at AC Silver, a personal inscription on an item of silverware sounds like an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it is their favourite quote, the date, or even just their name – a personal engraving can make the gift extra special.

5. Heirloom Jewellery

A piece of heirloom jewellery is a piece of jewellery which holds significant meaning for the family involved. Often the piece will not only be valuable but will also be beautiful. It is an item of jewellery that is passed down generations. Of course then, this would certainly be a gift that says I love you. To pass on a piece of heirloom jewellery, whether that be cufflinks, a watch, a ring, or a necklace, means that you truly care for them, as you believe they will be in your life forever.

6. An Engagement Ring

Well, if you thought heirloom jewellery said I love you, then an engagement ring as a Valentine’s Day gift screams I love you! This is a type of Valentine’s Day gift that you really want to have thought through, and isn’t typically a rash last-minute gift. Having said that, if this is something you were already keen on, then proposing on Valentine’s Day is the ultimate gift that says I love you.

So there we go, not so difficult to come up with gifts that say I love you. There are six there to choose from, or just to inspire you to go out and find the perfect gift for yourself. Either way, I hope you’ve found this mini guide helpful!

Written by

Rachel Atkinson

Rachel is AC Silver's Digital Assistant helping the website and marketing team with many digital tasks including blog post creation and social media assignments.