Jewellery is the perfect way to show some personality with your look. From cocktail rings to statement necklaces, we have been expressing ourselves via accessories for centuries. However, our current favourite way to update our style is with enamel pins. These have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, and it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere! But how do you wear enamel pins? Read on to find out.

What is an Enamel Pin?

A pin is a decorative item of jewellery that you attach to your clothing via a piece of metal on the back. You may be forgiven for thinking a pin is the same as a brooch, however this isn’t the case. Although they are similar in purpose, they are categorically different pieces of jewellery- although there is much debate on the specifics of how so! Generally, the consensus is that:

  • A pin is smaller than a brooch
  • A pin has a straight unhinged pin on the back rather than a rotating clasp (since brooches tend to be slightly heavier)

Enamel pins are unique because they feature stunning embellishment at the head of the pin. Enamel decoration is an ancient art, which dates as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Here, craftsmen would use powdered and crushed glass to decorate metal objects. Enamel is created by applying extreme heat to this powdered glass, which then melts and adheres to the piece in question.

Enamel embellishment on jewellery was especially popular in the Victorian period. At this time, artists were able to ‘paint’ fine details in enamel. This technique led to some incredibly detailed and intricate pieces of enamel jewellery. Subjects varied, although animal and insect themed jewellery was very fashionable in Victorian times.

The beautiful detail and bright colours on enamel pins make for a very unique piece of jewellery. Yet they are also an incredibly versatile addition to any jewellery box. So how exactly do you wear an enamel pin?

how to wear enamel pins
how to wear enamel pins
antique enamel pin

How Should You Wear an Enamel Pin?

Traditional ‘pin etiquette’, unlike that of the brooch, is nice and easy; simply place the pin through the lapel of your coat or jacket. There is often a buttonhole on clothing that is there for this specific purpose. However, if you’re looking to get experimental with your style then there are many other options on making the most of your enamel pin. You just need to think outside the box! Here’s some of our favourite ways to wear our enamel pins:

  • Twist on tradition: A classic for a reason, simply sliding your pin through your lapel will always look good. However, what you may not know is that you can rock this style no matter what your gender. Pins are unisex, which means they look equally as stylish on a masculine suit as they do on a feminine blazer.
  • On a hat: If you’re looking for an investment piece, then an enamel pin is the ideal choice. They can be added to hats or berets as a fun splash of personality; this works especially well with novelty pins. Plus, this is an easy way to update an old accessory.
  • All black outfits: One of the main attractions of enamel is how vivid and vibrant its colours can be. So why not let your enamel pin shine by wearing it with an all black outfit? The pop of colour against a plain backdrop makes for an incredibly chic look, and really lets your accessory do the talking.
  • On a bag: If your love of jewellery is hindered by strict workplace dress codes, then never fear. You can still make the most of your enamel pin without upsetting the fashion police. Simply attach your pin to your handbag or scarf. This way, you get to show some personality, albeit in a work appropriate way.

Whether you’re an avid enamel collector or a relatively new pin fan, we hope this guide has offered some inspiration for how to wear your enamel pin. These versatile accessories are suited to any style, and can be worn in so many ways. Do share with us any inspiration for how you style your enamel pins below-the quirkier the better!

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