It’s coming up to your anniversary. You’re excited to celebrate this fabulous achievement with your special someone. However, typically this kind of occasion calls for an exchange of cards and gifts – this is part of the celebration that you might be less excited for… Don’t fret we are here to provide some guidance and suggestions.

Gift Theme Depending on the Year

1st = Paper

2nd = Cotton

3rd = Leather

4th = Linen

5th = Wooden

6th = Iron

7th = Wool

8th = Bronze

9th = Pottery

10th = Tin

11th = Steel

12th = Silk

13th = Lace

14th = Ivory

15th = Crystal

20th = China

25th = Silver

30th = Pearl

35th = Coral

40th = Ruby

45th = Sapphire

50th = Gold

55th = Emerald

60th = Diamond

Hopefully this helps get some inspiration flowing. Perhaps you can have a bit of a cross reference with the list above, to at least narrow down the search! I’ve chosen a few of the ‘themes’ to go through in more detail.


There are some obvious choices here: a journal, a list of possible adventures for the next year, a list of what you’ve loved about your first year of marriage, a list of more or less anything would work for your ‘paper’ gift. I’ve decided to think a little outside the box with the theme paper. How about an impressive inkstand or inkwell that can be used to write on paper? Or how about a paperweight to weigh down the paper?

Silver Inkwell

Silver Paperweight


Steel represents strength in the relationship. If you’re married to someone who is very handy, then perhaps a practical steel pocketknife is the way forward. Or, maybe this vintage Danish sterling silver cocktail accessory set tempts you. The corkscrew and bottle opener are fitted with steel blades.

Silver and Steel Cocktail Accessory Set


Again, similar to steel, silver represents strength in the relationship. But also represents the radiance and brilliance involved in your 25 year marriage. There are a few different options here. For the traditional man in your life, an impressive canteen of cutlery might be just the gift. Or even a truly indulgent gift just for him: a silver quart tankard.

Silver Quart Tankard

Silver Canteen of Cutlery


Rubies represent an eternal flame that will never die. There are many gifts that could incorporate the theme ‘ruby’. Whether it is the colour red that transfers into the gift: I’m thinking a bottle or case of their favourite red wine, or even a trip to Wine Country if you’re feeling fancy. Or it might be a more literal ruby inspired gift of an item of jewellery with rubies. I’ve selected a couple of items to showcase the ultimate ruby gift for your main man.

Ruby Cravat Clip

Ruby Cufflinks


Sapphires are supposed to be the gemstone that make wishes comes true, protect the wearer, and are also a symbol of wisdom. Going off the colour of the gemstone, how about a trip to the beach, wherever in the world that might be. It isn’t possible to give someone the ocean, however a little dip in it is certainly possible. Other options could include incorporating the colour blue into your present: perhaps it is a blue shirt, suit, or book. Here, at AC Silver, a go-to is a piece of sapphire jewellery. I can imagine that this particular antique sapphire ring would go down a treat!

Antique sapphire ring

Now this is the big one, and probably seems quite intimidating for those who have recently become hitched. An initial idea for ‘diamond’, especially if you want to get something a little less obvious than a diamond, is perhaps a trip to Iceland or somewhere cold, for you both to enjoy the snow and ice – similar to the motif of a diamond. At this point, it might be necessary to actually buy a diamond for your husband. After all, you’ve both made it together, for so long! Having a diamond to mark the occasion would make it even more special.

Diamond Ring

I hope this mini guide has and will continue to help you, at the very least, brainstorm ideas for your anniversary gifts for your loved one. No matter what you get him, he will be sure to love it, it is from his love after all. Before I go, a massive congratulations to you and yours on your special occasion!

Written by

Rachel Atkinson

Rachel is AC Silver's Digital Assistant helping the website and marketing team with many digital tasks including blog post creation and social media assignments.