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Sapphire Anniversary Rings for Her

Sapphire anniversary rings are for her and for him, whether it’s surrounded by diamonds or set into a hefty antique signet ring. When searching for the perfect anniversary gift for her, you never go wrong with a beautiful ring, particularly one with a sapphire as rich and deep as the ocean. Today, we’ll showcase a variety of sapphire rings in our inventory to give you some inspiration for the next significant date in your calendar.

Rings under £2000.00

If you’re looking to keep your expenses under a more modest budget when making this purchase, this fine selection of rings should be more than enough to incite some encouragement for you in your search for the perfect gift.

This impressive 1980s 1.75ct sapphire and 0.50ct diamond eternity ring is set in platinum, and is perfect if you want a unique but more simplistic sapphire ring.

It is ornamented with twenty channel set faceted cut sapphires which alternate with modern cut round diamonds. It is a perfect ring if you’re looking to impress your other half with an eternity ring that she can wear alongside her engagement ring and her wedding ring effortlessly. The striking sapphire will certainly be a conversation starter!

SKU: C6277

Sapphire Ring

If yellow gold is more your thing, this antique 0.80ct sapphire and 0.62ct diamond and 18ct yellow gold dress ring is the perfect anniversary gift for someone special.

This gorgeous ring features sapphires and diamonds central to the ring, for a glamourous radiating look and ornamented with a simple but beautiful scroll design on the shoulders to finish it off. Dating right back to the 1890s, this antique Victorian ring will make your other half feel very special, knowing they are wearing a piece of historic beauty.

SKU: C4127

Understated and impressive, this 2.10ct star sapphire and 18ct yellow gold dress ring is a perfect unisex choice. This 1980s ring features a stunning cabochon cut blue star sapphire to the centre, and features elevated shoulders to really show off that dreamy blue colour.

It is the perfect ring to wear for special occasions, and is a great choice for an anniversary gift. This ring is a great choice for women who prefer less overtly feminine designs and might be happier with something thicker than your average band.

SKU: C1611

Rings under £5000.00

If you have more to play with and you’re looking for something with a larger impact, this range of rings shows only a fraction of the diversity available within our sapphire ring collection. These rings have a presence that’s not to be overlooked.

This 1960s ring is a perfect example of a ring which you can opt for if you have a larger budget. This ring boasts ten sapphires and a 1ct diamonds and sits in 18ct white gold. It flaunts a beautiful cluster design to really show off the brilliance of the gemstones.

A gorgeous choice for an anniversary gift, this is the type of ring that can be worn in place of her original engagement ring on special occasions like an anniversary party.

SKU: C7004

This stunning antique 1900s 18ct yellow gold dress ring features a vibrant deep blue sapphire to the centre of the design, and two smaller sapphires to the sides. The accenting diamonds are the perfect finishing touch.

This ring is an excellent choice for an anniversary gift, especially for a sapphire-lover or anyone with a birthday or anniversary in September – being the appropriate birthstone. The elegance and beauty of the deep blue sapphire really shines through with this ring, and is further accentuated with the gorgeous scroll decorated ring shoulders.

SKU: C6549

If you really want that deep sapphire blue colouring to be the focal point of the gift, this 1.60ct sapphire and 0.70ct diamond, platinum cluster ring is perfect. This 1930s ring features two oblong cut sapphires and is embellished with eighteen old European cut diamonds.

This stunning ring is certainly an eye-catcher and is a perfect gift for any anniversary. The stacked sapphires to the centre of the cluster equals a very unique setting style, allowing the light to bounce around inside the stones in truly unique and interesting ways.

SKU: C5254

Rings over £5000.00

Truly lavish rings for those with no budget, only looking to spoil their better half. Prepare for diamonds, platinum, and sapphires that could weigh down anyone’s hand. Sure to put a smile on her face, this tier of sapphire rings – like all of our stock – has been hand-picked by Andrew Campbell for their brilliance and superior beauty.

Undoubtedly a statement piece, this 1960s Van Cleef and Arpels dress ring features five each of sapphires and diamonds and is set in a unique 18ct yellow gold twist design. The ridging implemented in the twist of this ring mirrors the details of a feather, looking both sophisticated and beautiful.

This intricate ring is sure to impress, making it an ideal surprise for a sapphire anniversary celebration. Rings of this quality with such significant makers are the perfect family heirlooms.

SKU: C5031

If you prefer platinum to yellow gold, this stunning 4.90ct Burmese sapphire and 1.39ct diamond dress ring is truly awe-inspiring. This antique French ring features a large and impressive natural Burmese sapphire in a unique oval cabochon cut. The sapphire, which is fully certified by the American Gemological Laboratories, shows no signs of heat treatment, which is very impressive given the vibrancy of the blue colour in the stone.

This ring is perfect if you’re looking for a unique and impressive sapphire stone in a popular and traditional setting. This is the kind of anniversary gift that you can never forget, and you’d be delighted to wear again and again for years to come.

SKU: C2435

Now for the sapphire ring to beat all sapphire rings. If you want to splash out big time, this 16.31ct Ceylon sapphire and 0.95ct diamond cocktail ring set in platinum is the ring for you.

This ring features an enormous and absolutely stunning natural blue oval faceted mixed cut Ceylon sapphire to the centre with a plethora of diamonds surrounding the central stone as well as the ring in general. The ring shoulders are embellished with chevron designs making the ring even more impressive. It is the ultimate ring for an anniversary gift and is certainly worth its hefty price. If you really want to impress that special someone, this ring is for you.

SKU: C6676

Here at AC Silver, we take great pride in our pieces because of their excellence and sheer beauty. We hope you’ve come away from this exploration with a clearer idea of what you want to give for your next anniversary. Not seen what you’re looking for? Try our sapphire ring category and see what catches your eye.

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