This year has seen a lot of great jewellery trends, but today we’re just going to focus on the top 5 ring trends we love in 2019. If you’re looking to pop the big question this year, or you want to treat yourself to something stunning; look no further.

1. Boyfriend Signet Ring (boyfriend not required)

Mixing the masculine and the feminine has always been popular in fashion, and the current trend for 2019 is for women to wear vintage and antique signet rings – traditionally men’s jewellery. Signet rings are often ornamented with a family crest or personal initials, making them a great choice as a gift for that special someone.

5 ring trends
ring trends 2019
1960s Signet Ring

2. A Pop of Colour

One of the biggest trends with rings this year is the use of coloured gemstones. Not only have darker coloured diamonds risen in popularity, but colourful gemstones like aquamarines and opals have become more prevalent as engagement rings especially. Can you see yourself sporting some of these shades?

Yellow Diamond
Vintage Aquamarine
Vintage Opal

3. Seeing Yellow

For the last couple of decades, silver and white gold have reigned supreme. That time is over. The all-time classic, yellow gold is once again back on top. Traditionally, the classic choice for jewellery metal is yellow gold, and more and more we’re seeing yellow gold rings be the preferred choice this year.

Antique Victorian
Yellow Gold
Vintage Yellow Gold Ring

4. Three’s Company

While solitaire diamond rings have been an enduring classic, the less-common trilogy ring is shining in 2019. Vintage trilogy rings are in no short supply, which is good news for anyone looking to hop on this trend. The varied sizes and shapes available in trilogy rings play a big part in their popularity.

Ring Trends
White Gold Trilogy
Diamond Trilogy

5. A Shocking Twist

Twist rings are a wonderful, unique style that is seeing popularity in 2019. Usually using diamonds, twist rings can be any two stones that sit beautifully alongside one another. The unique and interesting setting style of twist rings is what makes them such a great choice for those going their own way this year.

Platinum Twist
Latest Ring Trends
Antique Sapphire Twist Ring

Do any of these ring trends speak to you? Which styles do you love? Which do you hate? Which can you not wait to try?

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