What if animals could speak? We’ve been here before, checking out the innermost thoughts and feelings of our animal friends; it’s that time again, we need to show some love to our beautiful jewellery pieces and let them express themselves.

Let’s have a look at these beautiful new additions to the family.

Cartier Lovebirds

Huddled together on a branch just big enough for two, this couple are inseparable. Truly birds of paradise, these two are in their own fantasy world. They look to the west, checking the sky for good flying weather. They might never take off, their contentment is such that the idea of spending the day preening on the branch sounds idyllic compared to the to-and-fro of flight. Clearly, they are lovebirds and they enjoy nothing more than contemplating the bigger picture, stepping back and watching the world go by. Appreciating the small things, comfort with a loved one, a beautiful day, or the most attractive feathers available, these two have unlocked the secret of true contentment.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” “Yes, lovely. Want to stay in?” “Of course.”

Agate Cartier Bird Brooch

Diamond and Pearl Pheasant Brooch

Victorian Pheasant

Staying with the birds for the moment,this brooch makes us really wonder ‘what if animals could speak?’ He might take the form of a pheasant, but he is truly the cock of the walk. His belly glossy and shining, he struts the streets, searching for singles that might want a little of his time. He may seem like he only cares about himself, with his preened and prim feathers sparkling and dancing in the light, but you can see by his upright head and alert expression that he’s all about pleasing others; nothing makes him happier than seeing smiles and awe when he passes in all his magnificence. Perhaps not humble, but certainly a stunning young man.

“Ladies, so good to see you. Yes, it’s new shampoo, thank you for noticing! Coconut with glitter infused.”

Vintage Dachshund

Heading into canine territory, we have this slender madam. Bringing the famous ‘slinky’ characteristic of dachshunds to the forefront, she holds her head high and keeps her tail taught. Fashion is her number one vice, and she’ll do anything to get a hold of the latest from Versace, Givenchy, or Yves Saint Lauren. Although a German breed, she feels more at home on the streets of Paris, mincing down the catwalk at the Fall Fashion Week. The poodles may be tall, elegant, and graceful, but they’ll have to move aside to make room for this peppy puppy and everything she has to offer the world of haute couture.

“Coming through, coming through! Can I get these Gucci heels in a smaller size? A lot, lot smaller…”

Vintage Ruby and Yellow Gold Dachshund Brooch

what if animals could speak

Antique Frog

Rounding up today’s journey with this simply adorable fellow, this frog has big dreams. Only young, he has barely passed his tadpole stage, and he’s excited for what life has to offer him. He dreams of lily pads the size of dinner plates and more flies than he can count. His biggest ambition at this moment in life is to eat and grow as big as he can get. He plans on making his mother proud, having the biggest, strongest legs imaginable, and owning his own pond. Yes, he’s ambitious; youth makes us all ambitious, we can only hope that he achieves all his dreams, as surely a soul as pure as his deserves that much.

“My own pond will have enough lily pads for everyone to have their own, and it’ll have so many flies for every meal, and there’ll be pretty flowers, and the water will be nicely warm, and it’ll be so good! And-”

We are truly so lucky here at AC Silver to have the opportunity to answer the question: ‘what if animals could speak?’ It’s reassuring to me to see brooches like our frog, crafted in the 1890s, taking the form of something as wonderfully simple as a very small frog. It’s a comfort to know that animals have always been adored by humans. Being able to see into their minds and share a slice of their lives is a very fun ability for us to experience.

See you for more in the next instalment!

Written by

Bethany Massey

Having graduated university with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing Bethany then joined the AC Silver team as a content creator. Bethany spends her days writing content for the AC Silver blog and other luxury goods/antique publications.