Emoji Example

An emoji is a small icon that we use instead of standard text to express our emotions

What is an Emoji?

If you live in 2019, and have used some form of digital device, it is fair to assume that you have stumbled across an emoji before. By definition, an emoji is ‘a small digital image used to express an idea or emotion’.

Using images as a means of communication isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, this is perhaps one of the oldest forms of self-expression. From hieroglyphics to cave paintings, humans have been insinuating via images for centuries.

However, emojis are a relatively new and exciting means of expressing ourselves. Whether you feel like laughing, crying, or dancing, there’s an emoji to highlight how you feel. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When to use Emojis

Emojis can be used in a variety of situations- sometimes whole conversations can be held purely with these digital icons! Reasons for using emojis in conversation include:

  • Adding humour or sarcasm to lighten a mood
  • Punctuating a sentence to make it less formal
  • Softening a blow
  • Communicating when words fail
  • Expressing yourself more comfortably

Antique Emojis?

You may be wondering why AC Silver, an antiques company, is so interested in this modern day sensation. However, just because our industry is vintage it doesn’t mean we are! If you are a follower of ours on our many social media outlets, you will be well aware of our love for emojis. They are a brilliant way to spread the joy of antiques worldwide- there is no language barrier with an emoji! Emojis may be a modern creation, however they are one of our favourite ways to communicate our love of antiques to the world. Let’s meet some of our favourites:

😁 Beaming Face

I’m the emoji that represents how people feel after a good antique find! Expect to use me a lot when browsing the AC Silver website

💍 Ring

Jewellery lovers adore me, and I can’t blame them! With a stunning solitaire diamond and platinum setting, I am a sparkling example of antique jewellery.

😍 Heart Eyes

When you fall in love with a piece of jewellery, I’m the emoji you use. Send me alongside an image of the piece if you need to send a not-so-subtle hint to someone to treat you!

🥄 Spoon

Am I a dessert spoon? A gravy spoon? A runcible spoon? Who knows! But I certainly get a lot of use- not surprising considering the vast flatware selection that AC Silver offers…

💎 Gemstone

Shine bright like a diamond! I’m the perfect way to express your love for all things shimmering- who could resist my sparkle?

🍷 Wine Glass

I am the definition of ‘Friday feeling’- use me to get the party started. If your wine is served in an antique ewer, then bonus points for you…

🧐 Monocle (Or Loupe!)

I am the most inquisitive out of AC Silver’s emojis. You’ll find me squinting into my jeweller’s loupe, admiring the beauty of our antique pieces.

🐾 Paw Prints

Animal lovers unite! Use me to show your love for your pets, or to talk about AC Silvers impressive collection of animal related antiques.

👑 Crown

Fit for a princess, I can be used when talking about all luxury accessories. Although sadly I’m not adorned in feathers like this antique tiara is…

🎨 Art

Art Deco, always! I represent one of the most iconic eras of the century, and my bright and bold palette can be found in much of the jewellery from this period.

🛍 Shopping Bags

Shop ‘til you drop! You’ll struggle to visit the ACS site without being tempted by a treasure, and I am the emoji used when you can’t help but treat yourself…

Written by

Alice Wilson

After completing a degree in English Literature in 2018 Alice joined the AC Silver as a Digital Assistant. Alice is responsible for keeping our social media accounts fun and fresh for you all. In addition she will also entertain you on our blog with some creative posts.