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Earrings for Every Occasion

Do you who wear the same earrings every day? I know I do. While some women – and men -effortlessly flaunt different pairs of earrings for each hour of the day (or so it seems), the rest of us are left with the same plain hoops and studs we’ve had forever.

Until now.

With this guide, picking something new and appropriate will be all too easy. Grab your pen and paper; let’s get started.

Observe the Occasion

Obviously, the occasion is an essential element of deciding which earrings should be given the limelight. A standard work day, for example, is perhaps not the time for your large diamond encrusted earrings. Equally, feel free to add a little more pizzazz to your ears for a special occasion, like a wedding or a lavish cocktail party.

Let’s break down the different categories of occasions and the suitable earrings for each.

Every day/Work –

The best earrings for simple, every day wear are studs and small hoops. I know we just said that the same old hoops and studs are boring, but they don’t have to be. Check out some of these gorgeous examples of earrings that are perfect for relaxing at home, working in the office, and casual occasions like lunch with friends or an after-work catch up over coffee and cake.

Earrings for Every Occasion

Our first pair to peruse are vintage 1950s 18 carat yellow gold. These are particularly timeless, with the knotted design being incredibly versatile and sophisticated.

The second pair of earrings is a wonderful set of 4.50 carat red coral and 18 carat gold Italian studs. Adding colour to every day earrings is a great way of keeping it from seeming bland or predictable. With coral being the official Pantone colour of the year for 2019, it’s easy to stay on trend by just adding a few small touches of this treasured organic gemstone.

And finally, a stunning pair of French Cartier hoop earrings, featuring 18 carat rose, white, and yellow gold. It seems Cartier can do no wrong, and looking at these hoops it’s easy to see why. Fully hallmarked and featuring three, intertwined bands, the ‘Trinity de Cartier’ earrings are a perfect example of sophisticated, every day jewellery.

Formal Occasions –

Formal occasions are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes they’re a burden, other times a joy. For truly formal occasions – think weddings, black tie events, or legal appointments – your earrings shouldn’t be too flamboyant or flashy. Pearl earrings are a classic to turn to for these events, as are more subtle diamond earrings, and sophisticated drop earrings.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

Our first example, mabe pearl, 0.78 carat diamond, and white gold earrings, are dated to the 1950s, and are crafted in the Art Deco style. Their size is impressive, but the natural lustre of the pearls keeps them from becoming gaudy. Undoubtedly, these earrings are a wise choice for those times when you need to show your stylish side without distracting from the event in question.

Moving on to our stunning second choice, these antique 3.04 carat and 18 carat yellow gold earrings are dated to the 1880s, and are a truly unique set. The intricate design of these earrings is reminiscent of flowers, the delicacy of petals adding a grace that’s hard to beat. The drop is not too long, nor the earrings themselves too large, making these earring an ideal choice for formal occasions.

Our final pair also go into the Art Deco territory. Straight out of the mid-30s, these architectural diamond earrings would look right at home on the silver screen. The earrings can be worn two ways, with the ‘wing’ of earring facing downwards (as pictured), and also with the wing facing upwards. The sparkles of the diamonds are well-suited to formal events, and the style is at the same time glamorous and elegant.

Parties –

Parties are the perfect time to bring out the statement earrings; big pieces that sparkle, dazzle, and amaze. Cocktail parties, New Years’ parties, and important birthdays are the perfect times to break out the grandest items you’ve got on hand.

Time for some inspiration.

Starting strong with an absolutely stunning pair of aquamarine and diamond earrings, these vintage white gold clip-ons clock in at an incredible 26.98 total carat weight. Dating to the 1980s, these earrings have the same powerful presence of other fashion items from this time, and they are completely perfect for stealing the show at any fun-filled party.

Plenty of pizzazz in our second party pair also; these 2.48 carat emerald and 7.05 carat diamond, 18 carat yellow gold vintage clip on earrings are dated to the 1990s, and are just as sparkly as your heart wants them to be. Speaking of hearts, the heart-shaped emeralds add a wonderful touch of fun and lightness to this set, and there’s even an equally stunning ring to match.

Aquamarines are such a great gemstone for part occasions, as they are more affordable than many other gemstones, meaning you can buy some large statement pieces without breaking the bank. Take our final pair of 7.72 carat aquamarine and 1.18 carat diamond, 14 carat white gold earrings dated to the 1970s. The neat, structured lines of these earrings create a suggestion of Art Deco styling, and their sheer size is simply stunning.

The next time you’re headed to an event, be it a casual lunch, a formal dinner, or an extravagant party, you now know exactly which direction you should take to ensure that your earrings perfectly match up with your outfit.

Good luck!

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