Yellow Gold Jewellery: Glorious or Gaudy?

Jewellery is an integral part of showing your personality. Adding the right item of jewellery to an outfit can make it or break it. Recently, yellow gold has seen resurgence, but let’s unpack whether or not that’s a good thing.


Yellow gold is a versatile metal, suiting most gemstones, as well as being available in many tones, which can complement a variety of skin tones. Furthermore, yellow gold is a good choice for jewellery, as it is strong and durable if it is of a high enough carat weight. Due to its versatility, yellow gold could be considered timeless, as its use spans across an enormous range of jewellery throughout time. As yellow gold is available in abundance, it is also a more affordable jewellery metal, particularly compared to metals like platinum.


Conversely, yellow gold is frequently associated with thick, chunky, outdated jewellery that displays fashion from the ‘60s through to the ‘80s, making it gaudy, undesirable and outdated in the eyes of many. It is also seen as ‘old fashioned’ to a lot of younger people, as when they think of yellow gold jewellery – engagement rings for instance – they picture their mother and grandmother’s rings, and perhaps it’s time for something new. For this reason, yellow gold has been considered ugly and old-fashioned by a lot of people.

The Fall of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewellery fell out of vogue in the ‘90s, with people wanting something that felt more modern and stylish. Perhaps with the beginnings of the rise in technology like phones and computers being available for all, cooler tones such as white gold, silver, and platinum became increasingly popular for jewellery, as well as many other goods and amenities. Young couples getting married in the ‘90s and 2000s had a preference for the paler, cool-toned metals, wanting to be fashion forward, and yellow gold fell to the wayside.

The Verdict

Over the last ten years, the rise in popularity of vintage and antique styles has equally led to an increase in popularity of yellow gold. Ultimately, yellow gold is sticking around for now. Whether or not it will dip in popularity over the coming years is anyone’s guess, but – for now – yellow gold is glorious, and we love it.