Spring has most certainly sprung, and it’s now the time to assess your spring jewellery. When the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom, there’s nothing greater than adding some pops of colour that can link your outfit to the gorgeous meadows and trees around you.

So, which colour should it be?


Purple is a great colour, with a stunning variety of shades that can carry it through the seasons with ease. Often associated with nobility and royalty, purple is a wonderfully decadent colour for anyone looking to add unique and bold touches to their jewellery. Amethysts are undoubtedly the most common purple gemstone, though there are also purple sapphires, chalcedony, and even purple diamonds to consider, though they are uniquely rare and expensive.

Purple Flowers
Amethyst Ring
Antique Ring
Diamond and Amethyst Ring


It might sound obvious, but you should definitely consider white gemstones for your spring jewellery. White is a classic colour, suiting anyone and any outfit, as well as any weather. Timeless and sophisticated, white is the perfect colour for anyone who is looking to channel their inner Audrey Hepburn. If this sounds like you, don’t feel the need to limit yourself to diamonds, you could also opt for opals, pearls, or moonstone to achieve the class that white stones bring.

White Flowers
Pearl and Diamond Ring
Opal and Diamond Ring
Moonstone Brooch


Naturally, green is a prominent colour every spring, and it should come as no surprise that green jewellery is destined to be relevant every year. When you’re contemplating new looks for spring jewellery this year, don’t pass up on green. Available in rich, earthy tones, as well as lighter, far more airy shades, green gemstones really are for everyone. Obviously, emeralds are the most likely choice when it comes to green gemstones, however, if you want something different, you can also check out jade, tourmaline, and peridot.

Green Flowers
Emerald Ring
Antique Emerald Ring
Emerald and Diamond Ring


A colour as warm and bright as orange is perfection for the spring season, with wonderful stones like coral, topaz, and even some shades of citrine being the perfect way of incorporating orange into your spring jewellery. If you want to bring the spicy colours of the marigolds, lantanas, and zinnias to your accessories, then don’t shy away from bold choices like statement earrings and cocktail rings. Wearing fewer, larger items is better than wearing many smaller pieces when incorporating bold colours like orange into your outfits.

Orange Flowers
Coral Ring
Topaz and Diamond Ring
Coral and Diamond Ring


Although blue is generally a cold colour, in the warmth of the spring sun it is the perfect colour for a plethora of spring jewellery. Stones like aquamarines offer delightful lighter shades of blue, perfect for matching the beautiful clear skies of a spring morning. If it’s the warmer spring nights you’re more interested in, however, look no further than the iconic richness of sapphires to get your kick of blue this spring.

Blue Flowers
Aquamarine and Diamond Ring
Antique Blue Zircon Ring
Antique Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring


The sunshine, ducklings, daffodils; there are so many excellent ways that yellow features throughout the spring. Wearing yellow gemstones is a wonderful way of bringing that same fresh beauty to your outfits. As a gemstone, yellow suits many different styles and complements several other colours of gemstone also. Maybe the next time you’re walking among the tulips and buttercups, you’ll decide it’s past time that you got a hold of some yellow sapphires, citrines, or certain shades of amber to match the season.

Yellow Flowers
Yellow Diamond Ring
Antique Citrine Earrings
Citrine Pendant


A fluttery, feminine colour, pink is a wonderful colour to bring out the sunny joy of spring. Pink is an excellent youthful colour, and pink gemstones – such as pink sapphires, pink diamonds, and pink rubies – are all wonderfully rich tones of pink, perfect for getting some of the exuberant colours of spring into your wardrobe. If you’re looking for something a little different this season, pink is a great choice. Equally, if you’ve always been a bit of a pink addict, this season couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to showcase your favourite colour in your accessories.

Pink Flowers
Star Ruby Ring
Pink Sapphire Ring
Pink Diamond Ring

If you’re still not sure what colour your jewellery should be this spring, try our quiz. Just answer the questions, and by the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for!