What is a Candle Wick Trimmer?

A wick trimmer is an implement similar to scissors, used to trim down the wicks of candles.

Candle Wick Trimmer
How to Use a Candle Wick Trimmer
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History of the Wick Trimmer

Through thousands of years of using candles as a primary light source, the ideal length of the wick has been established as ¼ inch – 1/8 inch. Wick trimmers were created to maintain this ideal length. The key unique feature of wick trimmers is the box tray around the blades. Its purpose is to collect the snipped wick, eliminating the possibility of mess being made. The long length of the trimmers also means that whoever is doing the trimming is in no danger of being burned.

It has been suggested that wick trimmers have been used since the 15th Century, designed to promote slow and steady burning and often crafted in steel or antique silver. In the 20th Century, the design style of wick trimmers was modernised. Instead of being the traditional scissor-like style, they became a sleeker, slimmer style. Typically, more modern wick trimmers have long, curved handles, making them more vertical to hold. This new design was likely introduced to match the new candle designs. Candles as we know them now come in varying different styles and sizes; this makes them very useful for modern-day candles since they are created in every shape and size imaginable.

Furthermore, the modern style of wick trimmers allows the user to trim the wicks of candles that have already been burned down a significant length.

How to Use a Wick Trimmer

Trimming the wick of a candle creates a cleaner, brighter burn. In fact, untrimmed wicks are more likely to take on a mushroom-like form, which dulls and obscures the flame, not to mention the fact that the candle holder is more likely to get burned carbon markings on it if the wick is left untrimmed indefinitely.

Using a wick trimmer is much the same as using scissors.

– Hold them by the handles, keeping your hands a safe distance from the flame.

– Line the blades up with the wick, leaving roughly between 1/4 and 1/8 of the wick remaining.

– Pull the blades closed and find that the trimming has ended up in the box tray.

– Remember to clean it out the tray regularly.

The candle wick needs to be trimmed for every 4 hours that it burns, and before the candle is lit.

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