When you think of weddings, what springs to mind? Personally, the dress factors heavily; the sort of style, cut, design, everything. It’s definitely something many people think about. Having said that, what about the jewellery that you wear? Jewellery is often something that is overlooked, and this shouldn’t be the case. In everyday, normal life, jewellery can often complete an outfit, and this is just as much the case on your wedding day. Here are a few of the trends of 2019 that you must know about.


Overall, 2019 brings with it bolder bridal jewellery. Simple pieces, of course, remain a personal preference for some brides. However, if you want to stay on trend this year, bold pieces are your friend.

Pearls Are Back

Pearls are becoming a popular trend in so many ways, not necessarily just jewellery, but accessories in general. Here at AC Silver, we have a certain affinity for the jewellery side of the pearl trend. I’ve picked a couple of my favourite pieces that we currently have in stock.

Must-have Bridal Jewellery 2019
bridal earrings for 2019
bridal brooch

Mixed Gemstones

Mixed gemstones are becoming a big trend this year. So when choosing your jewellery, consider mixing colours, and what better way to do that than mixing gemstones?!

A recent addition to the AC Silver inventory perfectly portrays the magic that can be produced when mixing colours in an item of jewellery, our blue and yellow sapphire cocktail ring:

must have sapphire bridal jewellery 2019
sapphire bridal jewellery
sapphire rings for brides

In this item, not only are we mixing colours in the gemstones, but also in the metal involved:

bridal jewellery sapphire
bridal sapphires
ruby bridal jewellery

Layer up Those Necklaces

The neck is a focal point when thinking about bridal jewellery, and luckily for us 2019 welcomes necklaces, in fact it encourages it. Therefore it is time to think about layering up those necklaces. Layering necklaces is actually a lot easier than it sounds , and most of the time trialing different necklace combinations is the easiest way of finding what works for you.

These three necklaces really caught my eye for layering potential:

must have pearl necklaces for brides
bridal chains
bridal lockets

Electric Earrings

Instead of minimalist think maximalist (and yes that is a word)! Some great statement earrings are drop earrings, hoop earrings, and perhaps even a bold stud earring. As long as there is a powerful element to the earring then it is on trend for 2019.

must have bridal earrings
bridal hoop earrings
diamond hoop earrings for the bride

These octagonal hoop earrings are a quirky and bold, thanks to the shape and also the cut of the diamond (baguette).

These vintage diamond earrings have fierce fan splayed designs that give them that ‘statement’ element. Even though they are stud style, clip on earrings there is nothing boring about them!

gold earrings for the bride
drop earrings for the bride
bridal drop earrings

Perhaps it’s because I’m a November birthday, but these bold antique citrine and diamond drop earrings have to be one of my favourite pairs of drop earrings, and definitely come under the umbrella term of ‘statement earrings’.

Floral Accents

Floral accents are ‘in’ at the moment, whether you want to get back in tune with nature or if you’re already bringing some brilliant boho chic – floral jewellery is essential for your big day.

We have some gorgeous floral accessories, here are just a few I’ve picked out that are appropriate for-all (floral- get it!).

opals for the bride
bridal flower brooch
ruby bridal earrings

It’s always good to know what is trending, especially when it comes to bridal jewellery, however don’t feel restricted by them. Push them to their limits, or even disregard them entirely. Essentially, it is whatever works for you; after all it is your big day! Find the bridal jewellery that you love.

Which bridal jewellery trend is your favourite? Which one do you intend on choosing for your big day? Here at AC Silver, we are dying to know, so do please comment below…

Written by

Rachel Atkinson

Rachel is AC Silver's Digital Assistant helping the website and marketing team with many digital tasks including blog post creation and social media assignments.