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Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktail Party Attire

Anyone who’s ever been to a cocktail party knows the stress of the decisions involved: What to wear? How to decorate? What food should be served? The list goes on. This guide hopes to help with ensuring you are dressed for the occasion. Accessorising is key when it comes to cocktail parties, so don’t be scared of a little shine.


Cufflinks are possibly the easiest way of dressing up a cocktail party outfit. The balance between formal and casual is the main element to dressing correctly for a cocktail party. A tux is too formal, so a suit is generally the best way to go. Darker colours are preferred for suits, as they transition effortlessly from day to night, and they provide a greater range of possibilities for accessorising. These cufflinks are all wonderful selections for a cocktail party.

Cocktail Party Attire

All of these sets of cufflinks are excellent choices when it comes to cocktail party attire. Accessorising can be difficult to get right, but cufflinks are the best first step you can take. They are also a simple way of adding elements of your personality to your attire. Keep them simple and stylish, or make them your statement piece.


While bracelets are often considered to be a feminine accessory, they can easily be styled to suit men’s fashion. A simple gold chain is an effective way to go to maintain a masculine look that still reflects the elegance of a cocktail party. Some gemstones can really set off a bracelet, however, so don’t exclude them on sight.

As you can see, some of these fine examples of gentlemen’s bracelets feature gemstones that add sparkle and shine without overwhelming the pieces. These accessories heighten an outfit to take it from a simple suit, to a cocktail party-worthy ensemble.


You might think that rings do not make a suitable gentleman’s accessory, but you might also change your mind after you see some of our stunning examples of men’s rings. It’s not just signet rings that are perfect for men – as you will see. Rings are also an area where you can afford to be more extravagant: gemstones, creative designs, and thick bands.

If you think some of these rings are ‘too much’, don’t be intimidated. The key to pulling off a statement accessory like a ring is confidence. A single antique signet ring with some diamonds or other notable gemstones is the perfect hand accessory. More than one ring like this is not recommended, as your hands may start to look more than a little crowded.

Statement Pieces

These pieces are all ideal for someone looking for something a little different. They each bring something unique to an ensemble, and they would all be the perfect finishing touch to a cocktail party outfit.

This set of six buttons is crafted in the Art Nouveau style. They are large, not meant for shirts, but they would be perfect for a jacket. A suit jacket accented with these buttons could easily be all you need to be exquisitely dressed for a cocktail party.

This next piece is a gold scarf clip, also useful for a cravat. Now, not many people wear cravats these days, but with an accessory like this, it’s long past the time they were brought back. But if you’re not looking to experiment with a cravat at your next cocktail party, this wonderful item makes for an excellent scarf or even tie clip as well.

While a pin brooch is regularly considered to be a more feminine accessory, there are plenty of examples that would be very suitable for accenting men’s attire. The sword design of this pin brooch is certainly something that brings masculine energy to the piece. The high colour graded diamonds accenting the hilt and scabbard of the sword add an eye-catching element that make this the perfect finer detail to a cocktail party ensemble.

This final piece is one for those looking to try something new. Pendants aren’t for everyone, but they do make a bold accessory that catches the eye and elevates what could otherwise be a simple outfit. Having a cross design is possibly the best way to go, as they are elegant in their design, and not so busy with accents that they overwhelm the rest of your attire. If you’re looking to branch out into the world of pendants, you could certainly do a lot worse than this gorgeous cross pendant, wonderfully highlighted with five diamonds, making it an striking piece.

Functions of all kinds can bring on a certain dread when it comes to what to wear, but with the knowledge you now have under your belt, you next party should be a breeze. Don’t be afraid to accessorise, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Smaller accessories can make just as much of an impact as big ones if you choose correctly. Good luck!

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