By now, a great many of us have likely been to our fair share of New Year’s Eve parties. Every year, certain things repeat themselves: everybody counts down to midnight, everybody watches the fireworks, and everybody sings Auld Lang Syne. Another thing that may be happening to you every year is the great struggle for what to wear. Frequently, the same outfit, same makeup, and same accessories end up being used for New Year’s again and again and again.

Over the last few years, New Year’s Eve has become increasingly casual, and so this year, let’s dress it up again. It’s time to have a look at what you can bring to your New Year’s Eve party this year that will help you start 2019 on a high note.

new years eve jewellery

Keep it classy with this vintage bracelet. Featuring 13.56cts of Ceylon Sapphire and 2.82cts of diamond, all marvelously set in 18ct yellow gold, and dating to the 1940s; this bracelet’s purple/blue-toned stones are stunning, and its sweeping design is sure to highlight any outfit you choose to bring out for this year’s festivities.

eternity ring

Eternity rings are always a beautiful statement piece, and this vintage French 2.88ct diamond eternity ring is no exception. The trends of the early ‘90s are coming back with a vengeance, and this ring is a perfect example of that. The two rows of nine diamonds each are sure to catch the light when the fireworks are going off at midnight.

diamond brooch for new year

This brooch is a real eye-catcher; it can split into two pieces, which is perfect for usage as a hair accessory, or it can be held together as one piece, which makes for a sizeable and phenomenal brooch. Any jacket, scarf, hairstyle, or even dress would be wonderfully complemented by this absolutely gorgeous antique brooch.

dress ring for new year

This enchanting, unique ring may date to the turn of the twentieth century, but its striking design easily lends it to looking very modern and fashionable. This ring on anyone’s finger is a statement in itself, and it would certainly make New Year’s Eve sparkle all around. If your hands are looking a little bare, and needing something new to start the New Year, you need not look further than this.

aquamarine jewellery for new year

New Year’s Eve is not the time to have your neck bare, and so we’ve included this stunning diamond, pearl, and aquamarine pendant. This beauty is a Victorian antique, dating roughly to 1890. It’s guaranteed to make you feel special while you ring in the New Year, and wouldn’t it be delightful to carry this beautiful item into another year of its life.


While we’re looking at necklaces, here’s something with more simplicity – in case you wanted to have a more subtle look this New Years. A beautiful heart-shaped diamond on an 18ct white gold chain creates an elegant look that you would wear all year round. This vintage necklace dates back to around 1990, perhaps making it an ideal gift for someone with a 1990 birthday, so they can celebrate the start of their 29th year of existence together.

emerald earrings for new year

If you would rather ensure your ears are what hold everyone’s gaze this year, perhaps these earrings are what you’re looking for. Also Victorian, these lovely creations date back to circa 1870. The 3.18ct emeralds are absolutely stunning, framed by 3.23cts of diamond, set within 12ct yellow gold. They are well-sized, and make an impression even from across the dance floor.

diamond cufflinks for new year

One last item before we bid adieu, and it’s one for those of you looking to wear sharp shirts to celebrate the New Year; these cufflinks are simple, but very stylish. The line work featured across it is very elegant, maintaining a masculine energy whilst also displaying a high level of finery. The beautiful 18ct yellow gold on these vintage cufflinks is the perfect colour for celebrating New Year’s Eve this year.

With this selection of luxury jewellery, and so much more available, there’s no reason not to try out something new – or perhaps something very old – to assist you in looking fabulous this New Year. Happy hunting!

Written by

Bethany Massey

Having graduated university with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing Bethany then joined the AC Silver team as a content creator. Bethany spends her days writing content for the AC Silver blog and other luxury goods/antique publications.