Cocktail parties are always a tricky one for both host and guests, knowing what to wear, how to decorate, what to serve, it can all get a little overwhelming. Today we’re going to tackle at least one part of that and hopefully make the whole process a bit easier.

It’s time to talk accessories. It’s easy to put the same pair of diamond earrings or the same necklace on party after party, year after year, but it can get a little boring, not to mention it can really take the fun out of a great party.

So let’s look for something new.

The biggest fashion trends for this season are lined up and waiting, so let’s have a look what new accessories we can find at AC Silver to go with them.

Trending Colours

The first big trend of the season is brown! Not just any brown, 70s browns. Every hue of retro chocolate goodness is welcome this winter, and I mean every hue. Don’t be afraid to pair multiple brown shades together as well, the more the merrier!

Now, while you’re pairing your taupe boots with your umber dress, consider some of these gorgeous accessories that could really set off your ensemble.

Cocktail Party Attire - earrings
Cocktail Party Attire - Ring
Citrine and Enamel Pendant / Brooch

Let Animal Print be Your Friend

Another big trend to look out for this season is animal print. If you have anything hidden at the back of your wardrobe with a flash of zebra or tiger print on it, now is the time to fish it out. The biggest hitter of the animal print world this winter is leopard print; expect to see big cats every time you head to the shops. If you choose to pick up a new animal print to add to your wardrobe this season, make sure you keep hold of it, as animal print is one of those fads that comes and goes every few years – it’ll always be worth holding on to.

In terms of accessories, the above selections would pair wonderfully with a lot of big cat prints. Have a look at what else there is for other prints though, such as zebra, giraffe, snake etc.

Emerald and Diamond Earrings
Emerald and Diamond Necklace
Emerald and Diamond Ring

Love the Leather

Leather is another thing to watch out for this season. For the last few years, leather has been a fashionable feature, mostly in trousers and jackets. At the minute though, the leather dress is what’s making a return to the limelight. Black is undoubtedly the most prevalent colour in leather dresses, although browns of various shades are also common. Dark, yellow gold jewellery makes a brilliant complement to this style. Have a look at the items below to see if anything completes the leather look you have in mind.

Black Onyx and Diamond Brooch
Platinum and Onyx Art Deco Ring
Diamond and Onyx Earrings

Let your Diamonds Shine

There is a plethora of gorgeous new looks to go for this season, and the last one we’ll look at is no different. Silvers and other shiny metallics are going to be taking us to the glossy, reflective edge of style this chilly winter. If you decide to go for this look at your next seasonal event, there is nothing that will complement it like diamonds. This full selection of diamond accessories is perfect for sending sparkles in all directions.

Diamond White Gold Bracelet
Diamond Necklace
Antique Diamond Brooch

White Gold Dress Ring
Yellow Gold Drop Earrings
diamodn pendant

With these kinds of options, there’s hardly any way to go wrong this winter when it comes to fashion. Make sure you’re looking your best with the finest accessories available and be the envy of all at your parties this year.

Which of these styles grabs you the most? Share your thoughts below…