There are so many wonders of nature in the world, and the animal kingdom is a myriad of beauty and mystery. With that in mind, I think it’s time we delved back into what the creatures of AC Silver have been thinking about lately, and what they might say if they could speak.

Sterling Silver Heron Sugar Box

Now look at this woman. She’s graceful, aloof, and very independent. There’s nothing she loves more than high fashion and authentic, Columbian coffee. People have tried for years to get close to her, but any time she feels her fierce freedom being threatened, she spreads her wings and takes off to a new life. When she speaks, others listen, and when she’s silent, others are in awe of her. Now entering the golden years of her life, she sometimes contemplates settling down and planting roots.

“Valentino’s winter line looks exquisite, but I do wonder if it isn’t somewhat reductive.”

Once in a while, a stranger will enter your life, and they will make you question everything. It seems clear that such a stranger has just recently entered this young man’s life. His mouth agape, he is very busy exploring the wondrous possibilities and the newfound experiences that life has to offer him now. Perhaps he’ll share these opportunities with you. Eager to make new friends, he may sometimes be a little too keen, but don’t worry, he’s just excited to know you.

“Do you like camping? I like camping. Would you like to go camping with me?”

Yellow Gold 'Bear' Brooch

Sterling Silver 'Stork' Ribbon Pullers

Dancing isn’t for everyone. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with rhythm. That doesn’t always stop us from trying, though. This lady here is one of those people who will not be put off by her ungainliness. She understands that passion is more important than talent, and her passion for dancing is boundless. It can’t be denied that when she moves, she brings life to the party. People radiate towards her, and she loves it.

“Turn it up! Everybody – join in! Let’s get this conga line going!”

And finally, another exquisite amphibian from our zoo of delights; he may in fact be the enigmatic stranger that drifts from life to life, providing life-changing experiences to those around him. In any case, he certainly has an air of mystery to him. He gets itchy feet, and often travels from town to town. Having no real ‘place’ for himself, he is satisfied with the drifters’ life. All he really looks for in life is to make true connections with others.

“I’ve seen…so many things. Many beautiful things, many tragic things. So, so many things…”

Yellow Gold 'Frog' Brooch