When I was a child, I used to wish I could speak to animals and understand them as clearly as I understood other people. I love animals. I’m sure many of us do. I love how they have their own special ways of communicating with us. Often, I find myself looking into the eyes of my dog and wondering – what are you thinking? So, today I aim to offer some insight into what animals would say if they could speak. But, not just any animals; I aim to tackle specifically what silverware and jewellery animals would be likely to talk about. This might sound like a tall order, but I can assure you that I have spent the necessary time studying and exploring these elusive creatures, and I feel I am well-equipped to estimate what they might discuss.

Frog Brooch
Diamond Gold Brooch

Let’s start with this fine madam. Definitely a lady of leisure, this brooch frog prefers the finer things in life. She’s no stranger to a martini, and she’s never happier than when she is by the pool and in the sunshine – the perfect combination for this golden amphibian. Her conversations usually revolve around how lovely the weather is in Saint Lucia this time of year, and what her plans are for the ‘new look’ the garden is getting in the spring.

Now this gentleman is a real star. He wants his children to get the best of what life has to offer, and he tries his best to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. His hobbies include sniffing, digging, and sleeping by a warm fire. He doesn’t say much, but when he does speak, people listen. He believes in the natural cycle of life, and thinks that all things are connected.

“Something fresh I think, Harold: Lobelias, Geraniums, maybe some Lily of the Valley.”

“Relax, breathe. Smell the fresh air. Seriously, smell it, sniff around, it’s so much fun!”

Owl Brooch
Emerald Frog Earrings

Quite a quirky customer we’ve got next. Wise, naturally, if a little…spacey. This charismatic creature of the night enjoys spending her time with her nose in a book, sometimes it might be a little bit too much time. It’s hard to tell what she’s talking about usually, as she’s often in her own head. She means well, but tends to comes off as aloof and disinterested. Don’t take it personally though; she’s probably just thinking about philosophy.

Finally, this gruesome twosome. Married nearly thirty years, they still gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes. They’ve had children, travelled the world, and had successful careers as a teacher and a painter respectively. Now they’ve reached retirement age, they’re looking forward to taking on new challenges together, such as designing and building their dream chalet, and taking up dance classes. They are both firm believers in love at first sight, in case you couldn’t tell.

“So interesting…so many possibilities…hmm, never considered that…”

“Together until the end, dear?” “Yes, dear, until the very end.”

Studying these animals so closely is what allows me to tap into their inner psyche, and gives us all the pleasure of knowing them a little better. Please join me next time, when I take another deep dive into the animals we have, and see what I can unearth about their personalities and quirks.