Ruby – The only gemstone dedicated to celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. A pink to blood-red coloured gemstone, considered to be one of the four precious stones, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond.

With so many years of marriage to celebrate and so many gemstones, why is ruby paired with 40 years of marriage? Well the answer is, rubies are thought to retain an eternal inner flame. This internal fiery red flame symbolises the passion and strength in a marriage, representing a strong and vibrant relationship after 40 years together.

AC Silver Ruby Gifts

Here at AC Silver we have a beautiful collection of rubies ranging from lockets, antique ruby rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets. So the panic is over, husbands; there’s an anniversary gift suitable for all the wives out there!

Firstly, our vintage 1.88 carat ruby, 0.70 carat diamond, 18 carat yellow gold cluster ring. Encircled by ten gorgeous diamonds, the oval mixed cut ruby has a very regal appearance, ideal for letting your wife know that she’s royalty to you. With diamonds averaging an SI2 clarity rating – meaning they are only Slightly Included – this ring will exude light and sparkle.

Ruby Pendant

Secondly, our antique Victorian 4.55 carat diamond and synthetic ruby locket/pendant. This statement piece will most definitely catch people’s eyes, whether it’s the sparkle from the diamonds or the rich red hues of the rubies, it’s a beautiful, key accessory to dress up any outfit. It also has a subtle suggestion of a heart shape, perfect for the romance of a wedding anniversary.

Thirdly, the vintage 1.70 carat Thai ruby and 0.70 carat diamond, 18 carat white gold cluster ring. What more could a women want? A combination of diamonds and rubies – is this the key to your lady’s heart?! The rich red of the ruby gemstone has a depth to it that would make anyone fall in love all over again.

White Gold Ruby Cluster Ring

Art Deco Ruby Pendant

Fourthly, this exceptional vintage 1940s Art Deco 1.55 carat ruby and diamond, 14 carat rose gold brooch/pendant. Having a truly unique appearance, this gift is sure to be well-received, safe in the knowledge that you’re very unlikely to come across someone else with the same item – or even anything similar! The versatility of this piece – available to be worn as a brooch or as a pendant – adds that extra appeal as well.

Last, but of course not least, this 4.31 carat diamond and synthetic ruby, 18 carat yellow gold bracelet. This bracelet is the perfect ruby anniversary gift for those who are perhaps not as excited about rubies as others. Containing only a subtle streak of luscious ruby red colouring, this 1940s bracelet is a gorgeous, romantic design, and a wonderful way of acknowledging the ruby anniversary, without running the risk of going overboard.

Ruby Bracelet

Written by

Emilia-Jane Jeffries

Emilia-Jane, a Media Student at Newcastle University, started her internship at AC Silver, with the desire to explore the Antique Jewellery and Silver Industries. This new venture reignited Emilia-Jane’s passion for silver, diamonds and precious gemstones.