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Many people hold on to their antique silverware for many years, (decades even), and pass them down the generations within their family. People need to maintain such pieces therefore to keep them in perfect, pristine condition so they look fabulous around the home. Cleaning your silverware can be a daunting task but don’t worry we’re here to help.

Here are some tips from Mr Campbell on how to achieve the perfectly polished piece of silver, including some flatware specifics …

  1. Avoid over cleaning
  2. Regular gentle dusting is preferred to infrequent severe cleaning
  3. Use a clean cotton cloth or duster
  • Wadding, such as ‘Silvo Silver Polish Wadding’ made by Duraglit is ideal for cleaning most items (pictured)
  • Protect hallmarks with sticky tape before polishing
  • Store your item of silver in a protective silver storage bag
  • Any crevices should be cleaned gently with an old toothbrush
  • Frequent use of silver pieces such as flatware actually reduces tarnishing
  • Silver flatware should be rinsed shortly after use
  • Don’t soak silverware in water overnight
  • Wash flatware in hot, sudsy water, then rinse in clean in hot water and dry immediately with a soft cloth
  • If washing silver flatware in a dishwasher keep the detergent down to a minimal amount
  • Never put stainless steel and silverware in the same basket in your dishwasher as direct contact between such pieces may cause damage to the silver

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What issues do you face when cleaning your treasured items of silver? Please share below …

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