Now, believe it or not the only social way to carry alcohol on your person (with the intent to consume) is in a hip flask. Now you could opt to simply carry the liquor bottle, but you may get some worrying and strange looks from passers-by. I thought I would delve into this hip flask phenomenon as well as providing you with some tips on the correct etiquette when using your hip flask.

The hip flask has been a desirable item amongst gentlemen for a long time and if you regard yourself as a ’true’ gentleman, the hip flask is a must have accessory that you simply cannot live without, especially if you are a gentleman of high fashion. For such gents in the 1920’s it was deemed rather strange not to have a hip flask and if you dared to attend a party without one you were frowned upon by the other party goers as not being ‘de rigueur’.

Many people make the wrong assumption that if you use a hip flask you must be a drunkard, when in fact this is far from the truth as the hip flask cannot hold enough for someone to become fully intoxicated. The contents of a flask are normally used for a toast between friends or to consume the liquor discretely. Now to carry a full bottle of liquor is definitely seen as more of a drunkard’s accessory.

Does the type of flask matter?

Well if you want to make a statement you can certainly do this with the hip flask. If you are aiming to impress, possibly try locating an example with a crocodile skin covering or a flask with a detachable drinking cup; they are sure to make your fellow flask drinkers jealous!

Scottish hip flask

American hip flask

Leather hip flask

The more contemporary flasks have been seen to take on a more light hearted theme such as the flask below which, as you can guess, will be popular with the Scottish folk.

So what are the rules that accompany such a fabulous and impressive drinking vessel?

hip flask

Carrying of the flask

Due to the fact the flask is regarded as a hidden fashion accessory and also the contents need to remain warm, the pocket is definitely the place to carry your flask. Now this can be your blazer pocket, hip pocket or it has also been known for men to carry the flask in their boot!

Share, share and share

If you do get to break out your hip flask you simply must share its contents with those around you.

Drinking speed

It is thought best practice to try and consume the contents on the day the flask is filled -or at least try your best.

Cleaning of the flask

Simply rinse out the inside of the flask with warm water. If you use soapy water it may be difficult to get all the soap suds out of the flask.

We hope if you are a flask user these tips have been of help and can assist you improve your flask etiquette. If you have yet to be the owner of a flask and feel you are missing out feel free to contact us for more, hints, tips and guidance.

>Do share with us your hip flask experiences and tales.

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Tip >> keeping the flask watertight

To ensure the flask remains water tight, the cork should be moist and therefore fully expanded to provide an effective seal.

There are two recommended methods to ensure the cork does not dry out and shrink:

Method One: Keep fluid in the flask at all times, and keep the flask on its side to ensure the cork remains wet.

Method Two: Fill the flask to the brim with fluid and close. Leave it like this overnight, or 24 hours if possible, before use

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